What Is Included

Blackened fingertips create an image of frostbitten fingers in our mind trying to turn the knobs of the gas cooker.
We can assume the text is narrated by Simon, Joes climbing partner as it mentions the narrator talking to Richard and also referring to joe.
the phrase “The Chaotic Bustle of lima” places the image of a busy City opposed to the tranquility of the mountains as shown when Simon describes the “icy white sweep of Sarapo”.
The text tells us that Simon wants to stay in “Thrall of the Mountains” as shown by the comment from Simon “Something prevented me from leaving” with the phrase “I was afraid to return and face the music” backs up the idea that Simon does not want to leave”
the comment “it wasn’t a crime to have survived” gives us the impression that he has survived through a deep hardship and disaster.

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  1. Well done, Aden. A good start in explaining “what is included” in this passage. Go further to explain what questions the reader may have from reading these details. What predictions can we make and what do we want to know?

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