The Final Choice – Chapter 6

1) Some of the problems the men face trying to get down the mountain include: The face that they were descending was coated in thick powder snow, meaning they could not get a good anchor point for a belay. this meant that Simon had to dig a seat in the snow so he could lower joe. “but the seat would only just survive the length of the rope” and so Simon would have to lower joe fast, this caused Joe’s leg to snag on the slope and cause joe intense agony.

They only had two 150 foot ropes and they knotted them together to form one 300 foot rope, but this meant that there was a knot in the rope and so when half the rope had come through joe would have to take his weight off the rope so Simon could unclip the belay plate and reattach it onto the other side of the Knot.

2) as Joe realizes he is approaching the cliff he starts using different syntax to engage the reader and draw them into the moment, “It was the slope”, “Of course”, “I was approaching another drop”, “I had to stop!”. he uses short simple sentences to build up the tension at that moment

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