Role of the author

  1. “The dreamers of the day are dangerous me, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible”
    That the people who dream at day try to act their dreams with open eyes are dangerous because they are taking risks that are life-threatening.

  2. Joe likes being in the mountains. He enjoys the exhilarating feeling of the remote wilderness and there were no climbers no helicopters and no rescue just them and the mountains.

  3. The lines “he was an easy friend: dependable, sincere, ready to see life as a joke… a touch of madness that makes just a few people so special” tells us that Joe has quite a special relationship and they have been friend for a long time the passage “Simon was keeping a steady pace that matched mine” suggests that Joe and Simon are quite evenly matched and “there where few other people that I could’ve coped with.

  4. “Simon and I had found Richard resting in a sleazy hotel in Lima, halfway through his six-month exploration of South America.” this passage tells us that Richard likes to explore the world living off the grid and traveling to remote places living cheaply as shown when “He had lived off grubs and berries with pygmies wile dug-out canoeing through the rain. forests of Zaire.” and when “his traveling companion was shot dead by trigger-happy soldiers in Uganda.” Simon and Joe probably were quite impressed by Richards lifestyle and where happy for him to come along with them to basecamp and also to watch over the camp while Joe and Simon were climbing.

  5. When Joe says, “We were in the middle of the Cordillera Huayhuash, in the Peruvian Andes, separated from the nearest village by twenty-eight miles of rough walking.” it tells us that if something was to go wrong and they needed rescue they where a long way from any sort of civilisation and a very long way from help this foreshadows the idea that they will need rescue and something will go wrong.

  6. When Joe was alone climbing in the mountains he repeated the chant “We can do it… we can do it…” He probably did this to keep his mind on the task at hand and to make sure he was focused, because when mountaineering the cold can affect the human brain and cause it to make stupid decisions. the chant could also be to keep them motivated and with the feeling that they could do it.

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