The Ark

I stare out over the vast crimson expanse, towering maroon cliffs glowing in the blazing light of the sun, causing mirages from scorching sand dunes to blur the horizon causing it to jump around. Arid air bites at my mouth forcing all moisture out of my body. The sun, still red and large bares down at me, forcing me into compliance as if it is trying to melt me away. Sweat cascades down my skin like the Sahara desert during a flash flood. The wind whips sand across my vulnerable legs, bequeathing them with lacerations, trying to deplete me of my energy. This harsh hostile landscape, not suitable for any life. I summit the small rise and feel a cool breeze wash over me, relieving me of my ache. There, only a few hundred meters away, the sparkling oasis of the ark. It is a lush green sanctuary full of life opposed to the dust red domain encompassing it. It is one piece of our previous life we managed to save before global warming and climate change took over and destroyed our planet. We managed to save around 2000 species which now live in the sanctuary that we call the Ark, named after Noah’s Ark. Walking into the sterile ambience the air conditioners are constantly pumping fresh filtered air into the white expanse. The roof, the radiant glass dome soars overhead. Swooping birds glide above me, the gracious albatross are angels soaring through the bright sky. Lazy lizards bathe in the warm light of the sun. A Fabricated reality trapped in the confines of the Ark, so different to the foreign landscape outside.  

Creeping through lush green bush each step crunching as leaves and moss ooze between my toes. The rustling of leaves exposes inquisitive creatures peeping from the craning canopy. Trees are bustling with life, Ferns and saplings grasp for light clambering over their fallen comrades in a constant battle for survival. The ferocious roar of the raging river thunders into my ears. I approach the fragile wooden swing bridge and hear the taut wires groan as it sways in the breeze. Frail wooden planks creak as my weight comes down on each one. Striding through the lush thicket, flax prongs stretch out concealing the rough path. I emerge out into open grasslands that surround the lush Ark. Towering crimson cliffs now bejewelled with waterfalls cascading down into the valley, thundering water crashing into the pool below showering mist over lush forests. The birds once held captive inside the dome now roam free in the clear blue skies. We have managed to turn the once rugged landscape into a safe oasis with extensive rehabilitation of the environment. We hit global warming hard and managed to turn the tide, the Earth is now rejuvenated into its full beauty.  

2 Replies to “The Ark”

  1. Hi Aden. There is some engaging imagery here but just watch your sentence starters: “the” is used a lot and this can make the ideas seem quite listed. Consider how you might join some of your sentences where the images are extended or related; doing so could create some interesting syntax (sentence structure) variations.

  2. Aden, in your final lesson, you will need to read this writing out loud and correct any technical errors that are present. Also, the first timeframe seems unfinished? Please have a look at this.

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